Ghana Briquette Factory GBF

Ghana Briquette Factory
CEO Mr. Danny Mensch Asmah, Asonamaso-Kwabre-East

BiOmass Briquettes reliable energy

Nature of the Activity

The Ghana Briquette Factory (GBF) in brief aims at replacing non-renewable energy sources with BiOmass Briquettes. These are made from the organic waste of coffee, cocoa, coconut, rice sehelds and palm nuts production and are therefore a renewable source of energy. The biomass briquettes will be sold to industrial customers and local firewood dealers in the city as a substitute fuel. Due to the repeated regrowth of biomass at the plantations, these emissions would not contribute to the current concentration rise of atmospheric CO2 anymore. The use of agricultural waste ensures that the biomass production is not in conflict with other agricultural land use and as Ghana's economy is dominated by agriculture, there is an abundance of potential suppliers of such renewable natural raw material.

Use Case

In these industries, today mostly fire wood, charcoal or Diesel are used. In many
cases, the management of these companies is familiar with the benefits of "green
coal”, as briquettes are also called, from other countries, for example from India.
Briquettes present many advantages compared to traditional fuels:
- Regionally
- Easy packaging, transport and storage
- Higher thermal efficiency than lose biomass
- Avoiding pollution
- Less residual ash
- No roughness
- Quickly renewable raw material
- Favourable market price

- Longer period burned

HIBO Group AG, Bürglenstrasse 1. CH- 8330 Pfäffikon ZH + 41 76 216 35 12
Responsibility: Jürg Bachofner/ Roland Hausherr

Impact Environment

In producing and marketing environmentally friendly fuels we contribute to a noticeable and sustainable improvement of the living conditions in Ghana.

Stopping Deforestation

The government of Ghana has developed a good forest concept. The still immense wood consumption can be attributed to the growing population. Economic progress and growth have also led to an increasing demand for firewood, as many businesses, including start-ups, heat with firewood or charcoal. In an area of 100km around Kumasi 100,000 tons of fire wood are being burned per year – and rising. Biomass briquettes not only provide a higher caloric value than firewood or charcoal, but they are also more environmentally friendly, as they are agricultural byproducts and not a single tree needs to be cut.


The effect on climate protection is significant. Through the use of 1 ton of briquettes 1.5 tons of CO2 can be compensated (calculation based on reference projects of UNFCCC).

Climate Protection

More and more companies in Ghana are replacing Diesel burners and start using briquettes instead. “Green coal” is not only cheaper than fossile fuels. It also does not contribute to the increase of greenhouse gas C02 in the atmosphere.

Solar Energy

Electricity from solar energy has long since established itself as a firm pillar of the energy transition. And for good reason: Solar energy is generated from the power of the sun. Unlike coal or gas, there is no need for fossil fuels that have to be burned to generate energy and release large amounts of CO2 in the process. Once the solar system is installed, it generates electricity completely without emissions. We need energy from the sun for our presses and for the BIOmass drying systems.

Social Benefits

We do not use any chemical additives or binders. Through the clever combination of various kinds of biomass we can produce pure biomass products without any additives.
Family income for 30 to 35 employees, per station. We plan to realize 3 stations. Employees, from simple worker to management, are locals. In the first year we employ 30 people. These jobs actually contribute significantly to the household income of their families, supporting approximately additional 120 people. 

BiOmass Briquette

Reliable Energy
Ghana is bothered with many power outages, which hurting especially the industry. Ghana BiOmass Briquettes offer a reliable power source.

Making A Difference

Ghana Briquette Factory (GBF) is a Ghana-Switzerland joint venture and is run as a social enterprise for profit. When founding GBF Mr. Danny Mensch Asmah & HIBO Group AG Pfäffikon/ Switzerland create yet another development project with insecure funding. He wanted to create something that "helps and stays”. We know: the backbone of a sustainable economic development are healthy, midsize companies.

Our Mission

Utilizing agricultural residues/waste of different production processes to create a reliable energy source for improving the health and the social, ecological and economic life, in Ghana and all over West- Africa. Applying modern management techniques and professional leadership to follow corporate responsibility principles. Working as a social enterprise for profit to build a sustainable business and providing jobs to support local development. We know also, our project of the briquettes press have the potential and can be reproduced all over Ghana and also in other African countries.

Building The Company Update

Ghana Briquettes Factory Ltd will be founded in June 2023 as a 100 percent subsidiary of the Switzerland Company Ghana project. 33 percent are held by the managing director in Ghana Mr. Danny Mensch Asmah.
In June 2023 a production facility will be build up and in September 2023 the first briquetting machine will be set up.
In December 2023 the production will be starting. Our first two briquette machines have an anual max capacity of 40 tons per day, when we operated in two shifts. Our production and sales will grow steadily. It is planned to establish several branches in Ghana.

The Situation in Ghana

 GBF Ltd. has proven to cope with these issues besides that Ghana is one of the safest country among the African countries. The Ghana investment law has defined some incentives: the free transfer of profits and several tax-free rights for investments in renewable energy and recycling waste
are in place. Ghana is also Member of

• MIGA (Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency – part of the Worldbank).
• ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes)
• WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
The WTO member ship is currently in preparation

About Us

The HIBO Group is internationally active as a consulting company with its own projects in the field of renewable energy, recycling and organic building materials. The project Ghana Briquette Factory, has a political security and is through the CO2 compensation program which is accompanied by the Swiss foundation KliK, a further plus point for a qualified work.

Thank you for your commitment to our project. We look forward to working with you. We, the Ghana Briquette Factory stand for the economic development of Ghana and our region.

The management of the Ghana Briquette Factory:
HIBO GROUP AG / Pfäffikon ZH Mr. Jürg Bachofner & Mr. Roland Hausherr
Bürglenstrasse 1. CH- 8330 Pfäffikon/ ZH  phone: + 41 76 216 35 12  Email:

Ghana Briquette Factory
CEO  Mr. Danny Mensch Asmah, Asonamaso/ Kwabre- East